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Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday only comes once a year, but mom deserves the best. Why not make every day, all year around into Mother’s Day? It might seem like an impossible task at first, but you have to agree that at the same point, it’s definitely the right thing to do. And the impossible could in fact, be much more possible than you would think. We just need to clarify the setup of Mother’s Day, and find ways to incorporate them into long-time solutions. Here are some suggestions on how to do just that.

Espressomachine and Milk Frother in the kitchen

Flowers for Mother’s Day

A bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day is perhaps the most classic part of this special occasion. Unfortunately flowers don’t last that long and are in need of both care, and replacement, or are they? An alternative to bringing mom flowers several days of the week for the rest of the year, as well as an more environmentally friendly solution, is to exchange the fresh bouquet for something more enduring. We’re not talking about those cheap plastic fake flowers, we’re all smarter than that. 

You could either bring flowers for the garden which mom will be able to enjoy most of the gardening season, or a potted flower that she could enjoy no matter the wheater. If your mom happens to lack green fingers, you could go with really easy plants such as succulents or even a cactus. And if this isn’t safe enough there is always flower patterns. Flowers can be enjoyed both IRL, as well as in pictures. Why not bring her a nice flower cup? They tend to always bloom, even when in the hands of the worst gardener ever!

Best start into Mother's Day: Breakfast in bed

Mother’s Day Breakfast

No matter the local traditions, Mother’s Day often come with some sort of festive meal, breakfast, brunch, dinner or even the Swedish “fika” where you get together to have coffee and on special occasions cake as well. A traditional Mother’s Day “fika” in the UK might be served with Simnel cake, but in Sweden, it’s the breakfast in bed or “coffee in bed” as Swedes prefers to call it. Having someone else preparing your morning coffee is the best way to start the day! Now you might not be able to serve mommy coffee each morning, but at least you can let Sjöstrand do the job. With the push of a button, mom will have her coffee in no time.

Chocolate is always a good idea 

But what about chocolate you might think? Isn’t it custom to bring cholate on Mother’s Day? Don’t you worry, chocolate is easy to stock up on in advance. But there might be another downside towards having a lot of chocolate at home, some moms simply can’t keep the stock long enough for your daily servings, and who would blame them? This is where the alternatives to chocolate can come in handy. Instead of splurging on a bunch of chocolate cakes and trying to hide them around the house like an easter bunny, you could actually go with coffee. As long as you stay to the bean and roast that brings out the hints of cacao, your mom will have a sense of chocolate together with her morning cup. And capsule coffee keeps the beans fresher for longer as water, air and light are kept from the beans until the brew.

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Gifts for your mom

Still not sure of what to bring mom? Or are you looking for something more homemade?  There is probably a line in between when your mom thought home made gifts where really sweet, to when she worries if you’ll ever grow up. But for the artistic person, why not combine all above, but make sure to paint the cups with flowers yourself. If you not yet discovered your artistic talent, perhaps start small and make your own card to go with the gift.

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