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Our Concept is built by a family with a passion for sustainability, design and – of course – delicious coffee. We believe in being an inspiration for a greener lifestyle with simple, yet groundbreaking innovations.

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Keeping the beans fresh

It did not take long for coffee pods to become one of the most popular coffee brews today. One reason is the simplicity with how you brew your coffee with a pod. It only takes a push of a button, to make a perfect espresso or lungo, time after time. In opposite to beans, the coffee also keeps fresh for longer in a coffee pod. The coffee in Sjöstrand’s pod remains fresh for up to a year. Even after its expiration date, the coffee is still good to consume but the taste is gradually lost over time.

Good for the environment

Another advantage of the pod is that it can optimise the natural flavours, which makes each cup demand a less amount of beans. A regular espresso or cup of brewed coffee might require as much as 10 grams of coffee, while a capsule brew needs no more than 5.5 grams. Knowing the environmental effect of coffee production, it is the farming and transportation of the beans that makes the largest impact, and so a pod becomes a more environmentally friendly alternative per cup. On the condition that the pod itself is made out of a sustainable material.

Sustainable pods exist

Although aluminum is a common material used for coffee pods, it is not a very sustainable option. Even when being recycled. Luckily there are better alternatives made from renewable sources. All ,Sjöstrand’s coffee pods are made in a bioplastic material developed from fibers from sugar cane. A natural waste material from sugar production. Which is not only durable and suitable for containers such as coffee pods, it does neither use biomaterial that could have been used for food such as pods made out of corn. This makes the canister both suitable for an industrial compost, or in lack of, ok to put in the bin. As the waste as is both easy to burn, not containing toxic metals, and the materail has already been given a second life as a pod. There are neither any waste of finite resources, since no metals are used in the production.

Multiple choice

The single served solution with pods, combined with a long shelf life brings another advantage; variation. It’s easy to stack up with several flavors for different occasions without risking unnecessary waste. Making it the perfect coffee for any guest as you are able to offer a wide range of options to perfectly match the event and guest.

Take a look at our coffee chart to find your favourite flavours!

No. 1

No. 1

No. 2

No. 2

No. 3

No. 3

No. 4

No. 4

No. 5

No. 5










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