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Our Concept is built by a family with a passion for sustainability, design and – of course – delicious coffee. We believe in being an inspiration for a greener lifestyle with simple, yet groundbreaking innovations.


Meet Sjöstrand’s new CEO Cecilia

The best part of working for Sjöstrand?

I have a true passion for sustainability, design and food for the latter especially for the social function it has in our lives, but it need to be high quality and organic. Good for us and good for the planet is my motto, and at Sjöstrand I have the luck to be able to combine all those 3.

Early in my career, I worked with home appliances as Nordic marketing manager for Bosch Home, so kitchenware holds a special place in my heart. The past 15 years however, I worked with digitization – from websites, e-commerce to connected things and advanced analytics – you name it. I’m now super eager to use my combined experience at Sjöstrand.

We’re still a really small company, but with strong ambitions and I think it is crucial that we build processes within sales and after sales that is in line with the large corporations to be able to compete. For me quality in product and service is extremely important. Constant focus on improving quality of the product is really important for me both for the customer experience but also for us to reduce waste and if the quality fails we should be able to fix it. Our Espresso Machine is constructed to be able to change and repair all components. It doesn’t feel ok today to throw away a product just because some component is broken. Let’s fix it instead. A Sjöstrand machine should work forever as I see it, and this is what we should work for to achieve.

For me it is also natural that we shall offer quality products with the best service. Even if we meet most of our customers online I want us to have a personal and kind approach with high availability. Everyone working at Sjöstrand should have the mindset that we’re here to serve our customers. We’re a small company and of course sometimes lack of time can prevent us – but that is not really an excuse. We need to be here for our customers.

What is your vision for Sjöstrand?

My vision is to make us an impact unicorn. In the business world a unicorn is a company that is valued to more than 1 billion dollar. An impact unicorn is a company that has improved the life of more than 1 Billion people. I believe we have a good chance of doing that with our climate positive coffee. If we manage to change the consumption of the capsules coffee industry and make compostable capsules filled with organic, Fair Trade coffee the preferred choice, that will be a good start. The trees we plant in collaboration with the foundation We Forrest is as equally important for us to reach that vision. Those trees improve the lives for so many people in Africa suffering from the ongoing climate change. People, planet, profit – that is the order to go as I see it.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word coffee?

Happiness. It means starting off a new day with brand new opportunities. Or a happy “Fika”-moment with beloved family and friends, or the grand finale of a fantastic dinner. Coffee is the component in all good moments in life.

Your favorite place for coffee?

That is so special with coffee. Because its more about the moment rather than the place. But when you get a perfectly cup of coffee that moment becomes immediately special.

Which coffee flavor is your favorite?

I prefer starting the day with a Sjöstrand N°3 Lungo – it has well-balanced tones of sweet citrus and I love finishing off a great dinner with an Espresso with capsule N°5 Espresso & Lungo that has this elegant touch if chocolate in the Arabica bean.

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